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Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Jewells, hope you're blessed with the best one yet :)  now go craft something!!

What to do...

What a crappy morning I've had, first The Husband woke in a pissy mood then I had to drain my bank account (well, almost) to pay the township. What's a girl to do? A mystery quilt of course! Nothing takes your mind off your troubles like a good mystery and Merry Mayhem is the best!!
First to choose my fabrics and cut...

I went with the Fossil Fern I've been dying to use for eons.

Step 1

Ooooh, dimension!

Step 2

...and more dimension

Why is dimension so blurry? :D

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Next the borders

FINISHED!! There, that feels better :)

Granny Stripe Blanket

OMG!! I simply have to make this blanket! I couldn't afford to make this in the Merino yarn she used (over $19.00 per skein), but I'm sure I could find something that would work :)

You can find it at http://www.purlbee.com/granny-stripe-blanket
It's near the end of August and I'm in my yearly summer's-almost-over depression :( Don't get me wrong, I love fall...LOVE it, but it doesn't last long enough and winter is looming, which in Michigan DOES last long. On the up side it's almost...wait for it...QUILTING SEASON, YAY!!

Over the summer I did very little quilting. I did do quite a bit of piecing, however :) Oh, and quite a bit of crocheting of all sorts of stuff, mostly of the baby wardrobe variety, although some rugs and tons of dishcloths came off the end of my hook.

In my Harry Potter Paper Piecing (say that 5 times fast) adventure I've completed my final block and started embroidering book titles on the books. OY, I'm really not liking doing this by hand and it shows in the quality :( When I'm enjoying embroidery it shows...unfortunately it also shows when I'm not so I'll have to ponder this dilema. Ofenjen and her co-horts are taking us on another adventure beginning in October @ their new website Fandom In Stitches (anyone is welcome to play along) This one will revolve around The Hobbit, which I, of course, have never read, so I borrowed a copy from my sister and will be well-informed by the time we begin :)

Too Stinkin' Hot!!

Ok, I know I swore that after the long winter I wouldn't complain about the summer, but c'mon! 104 today in an 80+ year old house with only window air in the master bedroom and sewing room. Now you might say "perfect", stay in the sewing room and get some stuff done, brilliant idea if it weren't for a VERY busy 18 month old :D If I close up the house and run the fan it usually stays pretty cool...for about 2 days, then it heats up regardless and there's no cooling down until the heat lets up :( So at this point I guess I just leave the windows thrown open and hope for a breeze!!

tree skirt

I found this adorable tree skirt that is foundation pieced...gotta do this one~


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